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Web design / Web development

We believe that every website must include all the elements you need to make your site; easy to find, simple to use, intuitive to navigate, fast to load and it must deliver consistent user experiences across the main browsers and devices.

Our Process

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Initial meeting

Together, we determine the objectives of your website and your targeted clientele. These criteria will have a direct impact on the navigation principles, content, pages and services offered on the website. It is therefore essential to take the time to analyse the needs and develop the best strategies to use.

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Web Design

Now we have an idea of all the elements, we’ll create one or more creative designs for your web site - typically just the homepage to start off with. We will work closely with you to develop your chosen design and produce further pages from there.

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Website Development

We develop sites using WordPress, Elementor. We firstly set up the framework of the site and then move on to developing the functionality on a feature by feature basis. Once the development is completed we test on all major browsers and smart devices.

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Website Launch

The launch phase comes after we have snagged and tested the site and the client has signed off on our work and given permission for the site to ‘go live’. We move the site from our development area to the live server and once again carry out testing on all browsers and devices.

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Website Support

We can provide you with support and maintenance services for your website as part of a fixed agreement or work with you from time to time to ensure that your site stays fit and healthy. We respond to all support queries within 24 hours. We also ensure that all measures are taken to secure your site from threats.

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